Thursday, July 9, 2009

thursday 7/9 Day 15

HW Due Monday: p. 430 #1-9 and p. 462 #1-8

Extra Credit: Using the vocab words in Ch. 12 and Ch. 13 create a word web with good explanations and connections, use several sheets of paper to make it big and legible, tape or glue them together, or use a small poster board. Make it colorful and pretty.

Library research project:

Cold War:
Berlin Airlift
Nuclear Arms Race
Bomb shelters
McCarthy Hearings
Fear of Communism
julius and Ethel Rosenberg
Duck and Cover Drills
Korean War
Europe is Divided "Iron Curtain"

Life in the 1950's:
Baby Boom
Car Culture
Rock and Roll
Elvis Presley
1950's T.V.
Moving to the Sunbelt
Civil Rights i.e. Brown v. Board of Education
Martin Luther King
Women in the 50's

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 11- The Coming of World War II

Library Research project:

Joseph Stalin becomes the leader of the USSR
Mussolini becomes the leader of Italy
Spanish Civil War
Hitler becomes the chancellor of Germany
Japan invades Manchuria
Rape of Nanking
Hitler invades the Rhineland
Hitler completes the Anschluss
Munich Pact
Hitler invades poland
the "phony" war
Hitler invades france
Miracle of Dunkirk
U.S. passes the Neutrality Act (4)
Tripartite pact
FDR gives the 4 freedoms speech
America passes the Lend Lease Act
Atlantic charter is signed
Japan attacks pearl harbor
FDR asks congress to declare war
Womens Army Corps is founded
War Production Board is started
General MacArthur surrenders the Phillipines
Bataan Death March
Doolitle raid
Battle of Coral Sea

Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 9 - American involvement in WWI

Word List:
francis ferdinand
alliance system
zimmermann note
selective service act
conscientious objecotr
espionage act
great migration
schenck v. united states (1919)
john j. pershing
fourteen points
league of nations
henry cabot lodge
great influenze pandemic 1919
palmer raids
nicola sacco
bartolomeo vanzetti

reading questions:
answer the questions in your book on pg. 206 #1-9

Day 8 - American Imperialism continued

Finish the Americna Imperialism crossword that I gave you in class.

Day 7- American Imperialism

Read ch. 5 section 1 and 2 for HW

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 6- The Progressive Era

This is the HW for Tuesday 6/23 and is due tomorrow Wednesday 6/24.

Word List:
Upton Sinclair
"the Jungle"
Jacob Riis
Social Gospel
Hull House
Jane Adams
Settlement House
16th Amendment
17th Amendment
Direct Primary
Lincoln Steffens
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
Womens Suffrage
Margaret Sanger
Alice Paul
Carrie Chapman Catt
19th Amendment
Womens Christian Temperance Union
WEB DuBois
Booker T. Washington
Niagra Movement
Theodore Roosevelt
Square Deal
Bull Moose Party
Meat Inspection Act
Pure Food and Drug Act
Hepburn Act
National Reclamation Act
Woodrow Wilson
Clayton Antitrust Act
Federal Reserve Act
Federal Trade Commission

Reading Questions:

Answer Questions #1-10 on pg. 134 in your textbook.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 5- The Making of Industrial America

This is the HW for Monday 6/22. this HW is due at the beginning of class on Tuesday 6/23.

Non-Extra Credit HW:

Complete your Ch. 3 Books.

Extra Credit HW (worth one A+, on any test, except the final).

Word List:
Thomas Edison
Andrew Carnegie
John D. Rockefeller
Social Darwinism
"Gospel of Wealth"
Knights of Labor
Ellis Island
Angel Island
Dawes Act
George Custer
Battle of Little Bighorn
Transcontinental Railroad
Gilded Age
Pendleton Act
Populist Party
William J. Bryan
"Cross of Gold" Speech

Reading Questions:
1. What factors led to the industrialization of America, and what impact did industrialization have on society?
2. Why did immigrants come to the United States, and how did they impact society?
3. What impact did the railraod business have on the west in the United States?
4. What impact did the Dawes Act have on the Native American population?
5. What were some of the problems in America during the "Gilded Age"?
6. Why was the Pendleton Act passed?
7. What impact did the Populist have on society?