Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 5- The Making of Industrial America

This is the HW for Monday 6/22. this HW is due at the beginning of class on Tuesday 6/23.

Non-Extra Credit HW:

Complete your Ch. 3 Books.

Extra Credit HW (worth one A+, on any test, except the final).

Word List:
Thomas Edison
Andrew Carnegie
John D. Rockefeller
Social Darwinism
"Gospel of Wealth"
Knights of Labor
Ellis Island
Angel Island
Dawes Act
George Custer
Battle of Little Bighorn
Transcontinental Railroad
Gilded Age
Pendleton Act
Populist Party
William J. Bryan
"Cross of Gold" Speech

Reading Questions:
1. What factors led to the industrialization of America, and what impact did industrialization have on society?
2. Why did immigrants come to the United States, and how did they impact society?
3. What impact did the railraod business have on the west in the United States?
4. What impact did the Dawes Act have on the Native American population?
5. What were some of the problems in America during the "Gilded Age"?
6. Why was the Pendleton Act passed?
7. What impact did the Populist have on society?

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