Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 3 - Washington to Polk

Homework Questions for Wednesday 6/17. This homework is due at the beginning of school on Thursday 6/18.

Vocab Word web:
George Washington
Judiciary Act of 1789
Whiskey Rebellion
political parties
Jay's Treaty
Pinckney's Treaty
John Adams
Quasi War
XYZ Affair
Alien and Sedition Act
Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions
"Midnight Judges"
Marbury v. Madison
Election of 1800
12th Amendment
Thomas Jefferson
Louisiana Purchase
Lewis and Clark
judicial review
James Madison
war hawks
War of 1812
Treaty of Ghent
Star Spangled Banner
Battle of New Orleans
General Andrew Jackson
James Monroe
Monroe Doctrine
Adams-Onis Treaty
Missouri Compromise
Oregon territory
John Quincy Adams
Election of 1824
corrupt bargain
Henry Clay
American System
Andrew Jackson
spoils system
Revolution of 1828
Second Bank of the United States
Tariff of Abominations
The Force Bill
Indian Removal Act
Trail of Tears
Cherokee Nation v. Georgia (1831)
Panic of 1837
Martin VanBuren
William Henry Harrison
John Tyler
Tippecanoe and Tyler too
James K. Polk
manifest destiny
Mexican American War
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Mormon migration
Remember the Alamo
Texas War for Independence
California Gold Rush

Reading Questions

Complete the presidential charts given in class.

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